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Athan Wings Aviary (AWA)

PACIFIC PARROTLET:   American White (Dilute Blue) , American Yellow (Dilute), Blue, Pastel, Lutino, Albino, Follow, and Green or Blue Split
LINEOLATED PARAKEET (LINNIES): Lutino, Marine (Sky) Blue, Cobalt (Dark Blue), Creamino, and Green Split
CANARY:   German Roller, American Singer, Waterslager,
and Red Factor
                                 VANCOUVER, CANADA

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Parrotlet and Linnies Attributes
(Mini Parrots)
>  Quiter than bigger parrots which makes
    them suitable for apartment and condos.
>  Cute, Acrobatic, Smart, Lively.
>  Rare and Variety of color to choose.
>  Handy, Hardy, low maintenance, 
    and affordable.
>  Loyal companion to young adult,
    elderly and to you.



Welcome to my site!
My objective is give best care, produce quality pet birds and provide premium service to you.
>  Meet the parents
    and babies Parrotlet and Linnies!
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